Weekend Round-up: Some things we missed

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Time to have a look at the stories that didn’t make it into our Podcast, join us as we journey through the good, the bad and the weird of professional association football.

Jamie Vardy

While we did discuss Jamie on the podcast we felt we needed to shine a little bit more light on the alleged racist incident. We say “alleged” because we have to but the footage doesn’t lie…

Pretty definitive evidence. His situation with fellow strike partner Shinji Okazaki is what gives this situation a little extra spice. It reminded us of this scene from scrubs…

We don’t think there was an evil Janitor sitting next to Vardy at his casino table, it seems he was just being a dick all on his own.

Jamie Vardy plays for Leicester City. Leicester City’s manager is Claudio Ranieri. Claudio Ranieri is a very funny man. He seems like he is one of the nicest men in football and it’s going to be fun watching him all season especially if he keeps doing things like praising Kasabian


Newcastle v Southampton

The ageless Chancel Mbemba arrived for his home Newcastle debut, we believe the phrase is #likeaboss


It was a decent start for both teams, Newcastle Utd fans can wait another week before deciding that this season is a bust and that they hate Mike Ashley (Who are we kidding, they’ll always hate Mike Ashley) and Southampton FC survive a match where their manager Ronald Koeman was injured and could not attend. Yes, he was injured. The manager. Is anybody fit and ready for the start of the season?

Speaking of managers, something to look out for this season is the formation that Newcastle coach Steve McClaren decides to go with week to week. He’s been pretty rigid in his selection so far in his career in spite of not having the squad to fulfil his demands, he insists on having one big lump up front and everyone else at the back. Astute tactical analysis shows those at the back are drifting further away from those at the front… Here is an image to help illustrate our point..



West Brom v Man City

A routine win for City who get their season off to the best possible start and the most encouraging start of any of the supposed title challengers. David Silva was excellent (as always) Yaya Touré scored maybe the most Yaya goal he has ever scored. It was a performance from Yaya that made us question why neither of us picked him in our fantasy teams.

Raheem Sterling getting booed by West Brom fans is weird no? What have they got against him? When he was booed in preseason it was assumed that in foreign countries the stands were full of Liverpool fans. But the Hawthornes? We guess that its just good to have a bad guy to boo because its fun.

West Brom will no doubt just conclude that their season starts next week.


Dirk Kuyt

So Dirk Kuyt scored his first goal for his new club Feyenoord. Watch as two photographers lose all sense of boundaries and decency and scrap over who gets the best photo..


Doncaster v Bury

We would never have thought that in our first weekly round up we’d be showing highlights from Doncaster and Bury but we have no choice. How could we not talk about Leon Clarkes amazing goal? Immediately following his side conceding a goal, the striker takes the centre and marches straight up the other end of the pitch, riding challenges from the Doncaster players and fighting off the on rushing goal keeper to score one of the most remar…What?…Oh he was allowed to do that? Oh ok, that makes more sense…

Thats all for this week…oh one more thing, welcome back football, we missed you