We've Got No Fans Other Shite

Hello people of the internet! We at We’ve Got No Fans cannot bring our usual episode to you this week. We cannot apologise enough to all of our many many many fans…that might be one many too many… we don’t want you to forget about us! We still love you guys, you still love us too right? We’re going to assume you said yes… so as a treat here is an extended literal textual version of the weeks headlines and main talking points… Aaaaaand Cue old timey news music…


Episode 51 (kinda): #InjuryTime

We've Got No Fans Other Shite

Hello and welcome to We’ve Got No Fans, a football podcast… wait…where am I? I’m in written form this week? Unfortunately, we will not be joining you dear listeners in audio form this week. Both our intrepid hosts have picked up injuries and rather than run the risk of causing further damage before the busy festive fixtures kick in (and because Max Rushden was unavailable) we decided to phone it in, or to be more correct, write it in this week. We picked a hell of a week to get injured, right? The best game of the season, the greatest comeback of all time featuring Liverpool that didn’t involve a penalty shootout, Marouane Fellaini being an idiotic collection of bones and limbs… You know what? Let’s just do the headlines anyway!

Dundalk F.C. have got some fans

We've Got No Fans Other Shite

Here on We’ve Got No Fans we cover the Premier League. Today, however, we’re going to switch gears. First off, this isn’t a podcast! You’re reading this so we’re automatically in a different field. Fear not regular listener! We can journey through this together…

Week in Review

We've Got No Fans Other Shite

Here it is folks, a little later than normal but its here! Our extra special look back at the week that was..we start with Antonio Valencia…


Week In Review

We've Got No Fans Other Shite

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the week in review! Its a bumper week this week with extra Champions League goodness.