we've got no fans round up Weekend3

Week in review

We've Got No Fans Other Shite

Here it is folks, our weekly roundup of all the headlines and stories we didn’t get time to talk about on our show.

We begin in our homeland and the glorious League of Ireland

This ladies and Gentlemen is a goal! I know it might not look like it but it was. Bray Wanderers beat Bohemians by a goal to nil in the FAI cup. One goal. Yes that was the one goal. The incident itself appears to be an optical illusion because at first glance and indeed third and fourth glances it appears to be lunacy and lets be honest it is lunacy, to make that decision, but on closer inspection its not the post that keeps the ball out but the goal keepers hand. Have a close look. Is this the worst ball crossing the line decision since 1966?..or this one..yeah its definitely this one?

One more thing from the League of Ireland, I give you Mr Killian Brennan! Yes thats him being “Struck” by Cork City’s Mark O Sullivan before smashing the ball home…

Arsenal news now…

Ok…best to keep that behind closed doors right?

Here’s another bit of Arsenal related news and a man who’s dislike of Alex Hleb has been immortalized forever..fantastic

Charlie Austin has no ligaments where??

A touch of the bizarre now and a tweet sent out by David Hasslehoff, who has clearly only become a football fan in the last 4-5 years…

But he did get a response from Yaya which is nice

And finally, we just can’t keep him out of the news…