Week In Review Redux

We've Got No Fans Other Shite

Hi there everyone, its been a while, what’d we miss?

So what have been the biggest stories in football since we last spoke? Did someone get a new manager?

Yes! Someone did get a new manager.. Klopp for Kop..Kop loves Klopp..various Kop/Klopp puns. Highly inconsiderate of Liverpool to announce their new manager during the greatest night in Irish football history (more on that later)
but they got their man and couldn’t wait to tell everyone. Did everyone hear the news?

Being a fan of a team other than Liverpool, this tweet upset me..cause its awesome. Good job Dortmund…Good job The Beatles… This next tweet is another favourite because my god its accurate

Can we also just take a second to appreciate the greatest live reaction to a manager getting sacked that has ever been? I know is filthy rotten cheat Thierry Henry thats involved but by gum its funny as hell…Which is ironic because thats where Henry is going..Hell..That was the last time Ireland were in a playoff you know…Yeah…

Back home now and it was a momentous couple of days for Irish Sport…There was Rugby of some kind…Thats enough about that! The Irish team captured the hearts and minds of the whole country and made us believe anything was possible..You want to see the goal again don’t you? Oh alright, here you go…